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Advinsgroup has been dedicated to helping protect its clients for 28 years.
Our experienced team can help with personal, business, and group insurance.

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Company Profile

Charles Comeaux and Advance Insurance Group, LLC (Advinsgroup) have been a Washington National Partner since 1990. Starting as an agent right out of college, he moved up the ladder and started Advinsgroup in 2003. Out of over 800 Washington National Independent Organizations nationwide, Advinsgroup has been in the
Top 5 every year!

Success comes from a proven system, leadership and high standards. This successful system, along with the best products on the market, makes Advinsgroup a top marketing firm in the U. S. today. We strive to not only provide a career for our team, but a long lasting relationship with our clients. Advinsgroup is concerned with quality agents over quantity which helps set us apart from the masses.

We have thousands of individual customers as well as hundreds of Employer Groups throughout many states. We help employers look even better to their employees by enhancing their employee benefits package at NO COST to the employer.

Health & Life

If you or someone in your family incurs a serious illness, you find out immediately that Major Medical is not enough!
Loss of income, travel expenses, deductibles and co-payments are just a few of the non-medical expenses that you may have to pay.
We can help fill the gap that it actually costs and what your Major Medical actually pays.

Product Line
* • Accident
• Disability
* • Cancer/ICU
* • Critical Illness
* • Heart/Stroke
• Universal Life
* • Term Life
• Whole Life (Final Expense)
• Hospital Indemnity
• Group Major Medical

*All available with our unique Return of Premium benefit (not host. ind., GAP, Major Medical)
Advinsgroup refunds an average of $100,000 per week in R.O.P to our policy holders!
We sell to individuals as well as groups as employee benefits.

Property & Casualty


• Home
• Auto
• Commercial
- Auto/Truck
- Business Owners Policy
- Property
- Umbrella
- Contractor
- Commercial Bonds
- Prof. Liability (EFO)
- General Liability
- Workers Comp

Our P&C division has been serving Louisiana
for over 50 years!

Career Opportunities

The Advinsgroup system has a proven track record for success. After starting his own career as an agent in 1990, Charles Comeaux has been in every position in the field. This wisdom, gained from experience, has molded the successful system of Advinsgroup today!

Advinsgroup Executives in the field provide you with the hands-on training you would want to begin any successful career. Our leaders provide on-going training and support throughout every phase of your career. Weekly and comprehensive monthly sales meetings keep you sharp to reach your goals. We will give you the tools that you need to be as successful as you can be with an unlimited income potential. Renewal commissions build you a guaranteed income that can pay you for life.

If your ambition is to move up into management, we also have management training
that is second to none. Promotions are based on merit…nothing else.
Our current Executives have proven themselves as winners and leaders!
Our experienced team can help with personal, business, and group insurance.

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Our Headquarters

Advance Insurance Group
4906 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy.
Bldg. E-501
Lafayette, LA 70508
Phone: (337) 704-0408
Fax: (337) 704-0411
Email: office_manager@advinsgroup.com

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